• Soochipara Waterfalls
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Soojipara Waterfalls

Soojipara is one of the beautiful places in Wayanad. The water falls from 100ft to 300ft heights is the uniqueness. To reach the waterfall, one has to trek down 2 km approximately over steep rocks. Another attraction of the place is the tree top huts which will give a unique view of the valley of the western ghats. Largely un-noticed and secluded in location, Sojjipara waterfalls form a spectacular attraction near Meppady. The flowing water forms 3 tiers during its course and pours down in the form of Meenmutty, Kanthanpara and Sojjipara falls. These falls cascade from a height of 100 to 300 ft. and lead to the formation of a pool which feeds into the mouth of Chaliyar River. Sojjipara refers to Needle Rocks and the falls are called so because they fall from a narrow opening. Tourists must trek downhill for a distance of 2 km and must cross vast tea plantation areas to reach the falls. Water rafting, swimming and viewing from tree-top huts are common activities amongst visitors at Sojjipara waterfalls.

Soojipara Waterfalls
Soojipara Waterfalls
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